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We are a group of entrepreneurs, designers, venture builders and policy makers from all across the world.

We’ve come together to address old problems with new solutions for climate action.

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  1. fundraising
  2. getting clients
  3. R&D
  4. recruiting talent
  5. scaling my business

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Our goal is to help innovators like with your business goals!

How do we work?

Step 1

Share with us your climate solution

Step 2

We find companies in need of your solution

Step 3

We matchmake and help you close the deal

Okay what’s the hook?

There is no hook!

Our mission is to match climate solutions with those looking to shift towards better environmental sustainability. When we bring you new business, we charge a small percentage in success fee for each closed deal.

We are a non-profit organization and currently still in beta, therefore allowing early birds like you to sign up and benefit from our ecosystem free of charge.

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